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Myhouseabroad allows agents and property owners to quickly upload properties. For professionals, we provide an internal XML and CSV management tool so that we transfer your listings automatically to our database structure and we do translate your property details into the 5 different languages (the most time consuming part). We do We just need you to provide an updated RSS feed of your properties or if you work with Appimo, Pericles, Property portal softwares, you can just tell us and we will directly manage with real estate software publishing partner. 


Our platform provides various layouts to display properties and therefore will be adaptive to the audience's preferences.  Since companies and direct owners both can publish properties, there are some steps to respect wether you are a company, an agent or a direct seller. Companies can have their own  institutional presentation profile page. In order to get a company profile, you mus purshase a company package listed at the botom of this page.. Under each company profile page view, you will be able to add all your agents and all your listings.

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MOdern design

Myhouseabroad is owned by a creative web agency and the design is something that matters to us and obviously to some of our customers.. Since its creation, Myhouseabroad's web design has been updated several time catching up with the news and trends. We are always listening to critiques from customers in order to build a better graphic design. We are here to adapt and make it a better web space for our web audience and publishing customers..

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properties for sale abroad, what about yours?


Spain is one of the most popular country to invest in second home abroad. We provide an incredible number of properties in Spain.

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With thousands kilometers of coast near the Ocean or the mediterranean see, France offers a wide range of properties of all tastes. 

Find properties in France...


Portugal is one of the hottest destination of south Europe with Italy and Greece. The architecture in Portugal is outstanding and very original. 

Buy a property in Portugal...

Map search

Don't let your audience lost geographically speaking. We provide nice map views in accordance to geocoding tools.

Rich typography

Rich typography is ready for the most comprehensive content presentation and the most beautiful.

International presence

With 5 different languages, Myhouseabroad has been able to get nice ranking in known search engines in each different language. 

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Be seen in front of a wide audience of subscribers that want to be the first to position themselves as buyers by becoming Myhouseabroad's mag reader subscribers.




Publishing packs

Choose the pack that matches your organization.

Corporate Bronze

500€/6 months

Start your visibility campaign with a simple and effective approach.
Receive qualified contacts from people living abroad who are just waiting to be contacted by a professional like you.
Give your real estate portfolio international visibility! Buy your Bronze pack!

Corporate Silver

900€/6 months

Become visible internationally with a solid and effective approach!
Receive qualified contacts from around the world and shed light on your most beautiful properties through ad hoc campaigns.
Highlight your showcase! Buy your Silver pack!

Corporate Gold

1,200€/6 months

How to promote and more aggressively your real estate portfolio?
Receive qualified contacts with tools that allow you to become efficient and effective in your international communication actions.
Give your real estate portfolio annual international visibility! Buy your Gold pack!

Monthly based Pack

80€/1 month

How to promote with more financial freedom your real estate portfolio?
Receive qualified contacts with on-demand punctual services that allow you to become efficient and effective in your international communication actions.
Give your real estate portfolio monthly international visibility without engagement! Subscribe to monthly pack!

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