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Spain is a warm country during summertime and a very lightful one during winter even though it will be called in the winter time.  

A real estate agency recently cold-called by the sales team told us that they were receiving so many inquiries from international buyers that they didn't need the visibility services of Myhouseabroad.com but they are still interested in placing their details since the phenomenon of being called by international buyers was still present and even more than ever. In conclusion, people are seeking calm places located near nature and want to leave big cities for countryside properties. Advertising your property in an international showcase is the right approach today more than ever. Buying a house abroad is no longer a risk, but something needed for European people in search of diversity and safeness. 

When it comes to a health emergency, human beings tend to find ways out to make a better living. As far as real estate brokers talk to us, the trends are that due to covid 19, people who are living in big cities have now understood that they need their own space and their own little place in the middle of the natural scope of life. Buying a house in a location where peace and calmness can meet seems to attract more and more people. Travel restrictions due to the pandemic don't help you with finding a property abroad that easy but this is the right moment to start looking at properties in nice places abroad like Spain, Italy, Greece, the USA, South America, the Caribbean, and Portugal. 

Since last crises in 2009, it has never been as easy to find properties in Spain at an incredibly interesting price. The Spanish market offers many opportunities to buy nice properties along the coast and in front of the sea view. It has led many foreigners to continue investing in buying a property abroad in this area. If you are looking to relocate your second home, there is a great chance you will find what you are looking for in Spain. Malaga is well known for its luxury properties but still, you can find great investment for just a little paradise house that can still be sold at an affordable price.

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