Since last crises in 2009, it has never been as easy to find properties in Spain at an incredibly interesting price. The Spanish market offers many opportunities to buy nice properties along the coast and in front of the sea view. It has led many foreigners to continue investing in buying a property abroad in this area. If you are looking to relocate your second home, there is a great chance you will find what you are looking for in Spain. Malaga is well known for its luxury properties but still, you can find great investment for just a little paradise house that can still be sold at an affordable price.

Scandinavia holds one of the biggest exhibitions for buying properties abroad and brings every year thousands of interested public to cover the subject of buying a property abroad. Since 2012, Myhouseabroad is placing it platform towards the Scandinavian market, especially Sweden, in order to answer the increasing demand for buying a property outside Nordics countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, France and other places where exotism exists and seduce the buyers (Thailand, Caribean and even some parts of Bulgaria around the sea). Back in 2012, there were more than 200 000 buyers for overseas properties from Scandinavia. Due to a climate matter, it can be very easy to understand that this population is seeking sunny and warm countries to spend their holidays and free time.